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Time for a new post in our series about how to learn about .NET/C# and stay up to date on recent news. For this post, I'll introduce you to the newsletters I subscribe to. Newsletters may not sound hot, but it still notify me about new blog posts, blogs I didn't know, new .NET features, and much more.

Without further ado, here's an unsorted list of my favorite .NET newsletters:

The Morning Brew

Chris Alcock's The Morning Brew is, without a doubt, the one I have been subscribed to the longest. It's a daily digest of the best posts published since the last newsletter was published. The nice thing about The Morning Brew is that it is a short but good list of links. I typically read through a lot of the posts on this list.

ASP.NET Core News

If you, like me, are excited about ASP.NET Core, you should consider subscribing to the ASP.NET Core News newsletter. ASP.NET Core News is a Twitter account publishing blog posts about ASP.NET Core. Every Friday, a list of the weeks' blog posts are published in the newsletter.

C# Digest

Published every Sunday and contains the 5 most interesting blog posts about C# this week. C# Digest is a great way to keep up with the most interesting and popular posts on a weekly basis. The guy behind this has a couple of other newsletters, like Programming Digest, that may be interesting for you as well.

Morning Dew

Another, highly popular, daily digest is Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew. Much like The Morning Brew, Alvin sends out a daily digest of blog posts and articles published since the last newsletter. This is typically a big one but nicely separated into categories. This makes it easy to dig down into the sub-categories that interests you.

dotNET Weekly

Another weekly newsletter with a top list of the best posts since the last newsletter was sent out. Unlike many of the other digest newsletter, you can send your own proposals to this one.

.NET Insight

There's a lot of good articles on Visual Studio Magazine. To make sure that you don't miss anything you can subscribe to the .NET Insights newsletter. The articles are primarily about newly released features and products from Microsoft.

Awesome .NET Newsletter

From the people behind LibHunt comes the Awesome .NET Newsletter. It's another weekly newsletter of good and popular posts about .NET and C#. A nice bonus of the Awesome .NET Newsletter is a list of featured NuGet packages for inspiration.

The .NET Stacks

Compiled by Dave Brock, The .NET Stacks is more than just a list of links. With extracts from some of his own posts, developer interviews, and more, The .NET Stacks offer a lot of content each week.

Microsoft.Source Newsletter

Another Microsoft newsletter with a monthly digest of technical articles. Each edition also has links to events and training which is a good addition to the more post-heavy newsletters.

.NET Foundation Newsletter

Stay up to date with recent news from the .NET Foundation. Their monthly newsletter is a good way to know when new projects have been adopted by the foundation.

elmah.io Newsletter

Busted! This is our own newsletter. I still want to mention it, since it's filled with general .NET/C# blog posts and not only news about elmah.io as a product. We typically blog about a technical subject every week and the newsletter contains links to all of them. Subscribe in the box to the right 👉

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