We just launched a brand new version of our API. The big difference is that the API is now running on ASP.NET Core (instead of ASP.NET Web API).

With the next level of support for structured logging, elmah.io now support searches for templated messages. You can even define rules based on templates.

Learn every detail about multiple Web.config files in the same project and how to utilize the location element to support per file/directory configuration.

A great way to learn the newest technology available in .NET is through live coding sessions. You can find a lot of streams on both Twitch and YouTube.

IIS rewrite rules is a powerful feature that enables redirect www to non-www, non-www to www, force HTTPS, and much more. This post will teach you how.

Learn how to obtain real-time SMS error messages using C#, ASP.NET and elmah.io.

The best tutorial for web.config/app.config transformations. Learn the syntax and how to test it. Included are also examples like replacing appSettings.

Learn how to debug System.AccessViolationException when calling C++ code from C#, with unhandled errors in IIS modules and from the WebBrowser control.

Learn everything about how to debug async errors in C# like: Exception thrown System.AggregateException in mscorlib.dll - a task was canceled.