Learn how to inject dependencies using keys in ASP.NET Core. With keyed services you can finally inject multiple objects of the same type.

This post will show how to validate JSON files against a JSON Schema as part of a build on Azure DevOps. Never push invalid JSON files again.

Learn about how to set up logging in Azure Functions. With just a few changes, it is easy to improve on what comes from the new project template.

Learn how to set up middleware in ASP.NET Core based on one or more conditions. This can help you run custom code for only specific endpoints.

Visual Studio caches JSON Schema files used for IntelliSense. Learn how to force reload a schema if Visual Studio doesn't pick up the changes.

Learn how to modify response headers from ASP.NET Core middleware. You need to use the correct hook to avoid a System.InvalidOperationException.

Learn how to create a debug visualizer for Visual Studio. In this post, I'll develop a visualizer of email addresses to help you get started.

In this post, I'll share a list of features that some of you may not know. From small gems to large features that you probably haven't seen.

Learn how to parse a website from .NET/C# using the two most popular NuGet packages for the job: Html Agility Pack and AngleSharp.