Learn about the built-in rate-limiting middleware in ASP.NET Core. The post uses limiting on an API key and compares it to AspNetCoreRateLimit.

A blog post about how to implement file download in ASP.NET Core (MVC). Learn about the built-in result object types and when to use which type.

Learn how to get the base path (schema, domain, and port) in an ASP.NET Core application. Examples for both MVC and Razor Pages are included.

In this post, I'll introduce you to three different NuGet packages that will help you when dealing with exceptions in .NET/C#.

Announcing elmah.io as a GitHub Technology Partner. Learn about the GitHub app as well as two build steps that integrate Actions with elmah.io.

Learn how to build a simple Reddit client with Blazor and the pushshift.io API. Pull conversations and statistics from Reddit with a few lines.

This post revisits the Repository Pattern, addresses the implementation pitfalls in .NET, and reviews proposed solutions to reduce complexity.

Automatically deploy a documentation site, built with MkDocs, using GitHub Actions. Also, learn how to automate tasks like minifying JS and CSS.

Learn about how to host a documentation site implemented with MkDocs and Markdown on GitHub Pages. Easily deploy the static website for free.