Learn how to update Razor files with ASP.NET Core without having to compile and restart the project. This post will go through the multiple ways possible.

Learn about how to secure your ASP.NET Core APIs with OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Tokens without using third-party services like IdentityServer, Okta, and Auth0.

Learn how to split a string with both an IP address and a port number in JavaScript using regular expressions. Most scripts out there don't handle ports.

I just want to quickly mention an offering we have called the elmah.io Goodiebag. The goodiebag is a range of discounts for popular software products, books, conferences, and other development related items. The discounts are available for elmah.io users on the Business plan and up. Recently, new deals ...

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We have re-built our integration with Zapier. In case you don't know Zapier it's an awesome product connecting more than 2,000 online services with a few clicks of a mouse. If you have used the old app, you will know that it didn't exactly follow the high quality of ...

Learn about how to implement an always signed in/never sign out feature with ASP.NET Core. Also covers enabling data protection when hosting on Azure.

Learn about how to reduce your Azure costs by analyzing and optimizing how to use resources. Get best practices and introduction to the available programs.

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