Learn how to easily unit test methods in the BlobServiceClient provided by the Azure.Storage.Blobs package using NUnit and NSubstitute.

In the third post in the series about "secret" elmah.io features I will introduce you to the CLI. Diagnose installations, export data, and more.

Learn how to mock requests made through a HttpClient in C#. Unit testing code that makes external requests is easy using this simple approach.

In the second post in the series about "secret" elmah.io features I want to present you for correlations. Learn how to batch messages together.

This post will introduce you to FakeLogger and how it can be used to test logging code when using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and ILogger.

This new series dives into those not-so-commonly-known elmah.io features. In the first post, you will learn how to include source code on errors.

Using a couple of available tools you can validate NuGet packages before publishing to nuget.org. Learn how to set it up on GitHub Actions.

Learn how to inject dependencies using keys in ASP.NET Core. With keyed services you can finally inject multiple objects of the same type.

This post will show how to validate JSON files against a JSON Schema as part of a build on Azure DevOps. Never push invalid JSON files again.