Show you how to generate a PDF file from ASP.NET for free. There are a lot of paid components out there, but it doesn't have to cost you anything.

Learn how to create Roslyn Analyzers to help add ASP.NET Core middleware and in the right order.

The ultimate guide to sending emails from C# based on our experiences with the built-in SMTP library in .NET, AWS Simple Email Service, Mandrill, and Azure.

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Tutorial to build and publish a console application including the .NET Core framework from Azure DevOps Pipelines.

Setting up recurring payments from ASP.NET Core is easy with Stripe Billing. Read about how to use Stripe.js and the .NET client to create subscriptions.

Simple example of how to implement request logging using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and ASP.NET Core middleware. Plus things to be aware of during config.

How to secure your cookies in ASP.NET and MVC, using Secure and HttpOnly attributes. Also learn about Cross-site tracing and Cross-site request forgery.

A real-life example of how to find anomalies in time-series data using spike detection available in ML.NET. Learn how to utilize the Microsoft.ML package.