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Tuning performance on Azure websites using remote profiling

Thomas Ardal, April 18, 2018 When running a service like elmah.io, performance is everything. We receive a lot of requests daily and a few ms actually make a difference both in the time clients need to wait for a reply, as well as our Cloud spending. We are running a range of different performance

Supporting NLog 4.5 and structured logging

Thomas Ardal, April 06, 2018 NLog 4.5 were published a little over a week ago and we want to show our support with a compatible version too. As of today, our integration (Elmah.Io.NLog) runs on NLog 4.5 and also supports the new structured logging feature available in 4.5. All samples

GDPR changes

Thomas Ardal, April 05, 2018 We are actively working with GDPR compliance, which will result in a series of minor adjustments to the UI and new features. We won't inform you about every little change, but here's an overview of recent changes. When signing up, you will now be prompted to accept both terms and

Domain name expires check

Thomas Ardal, March 22, 2018 Ever wondered what will happen if you forget to renew your domain name? This actually happened to me (with another domain than elmah.io). I'd moved address and when the registrar failed creating a transaction on my credit card, they tried contacting me on the last known address. Domain lost.

Filters help you stay within your message limit

Thomas Ardal, March 17, 2018 As we are getting ready to enforce message limits, we want to provide some additional tools to help you stay within your limit. The first one is simply named Filters. Like apps are a nice UI on top of primarily HTTP rules, Filters are a new UI on top of