Learn every detail about multiple Web.config files in the same project and how to utilize the location element to support per file/directory configuration.

A great way to learn the newest technology available in .NET is through live coding sessions. You can find a lot of streams on both Twitch and YouTube.

IIS rewrite rules is a powerful feature that enables redirect www to non-www, non-www to www, force HTTPS, and much more. This post will teach you how.

Learn how to obtain real-time SMS error messages using C#, ASP.NET and elmah.io.

The best tutorial for web.config/app.config transformations. Learn the syntax and how to test it. Included are also examples like replacing appSettings.

Learn how to debug System.AccessViolationException when calling C++ code from C#, with unhandled errors in IIS modules and from the WebBrowser control.

Learn everything about how to debug async errors in C# like: Exception thrown System.AggregateException in mscorlib.dll - a task was canceled.

Learn everything there is to know about connection strings in web.config. From setting up SQL Server using Windows Authentication to password encryption.

In this tutorial I will tell you about logging in C#, how to create log4net configuration, explaining log levels, and examples with different appenders.