FileNotFoundException isn't always as simple as it seems. Learn about the causes and fixes, including problems loading assemblies and IIS security issues.

Search errors by country, ignore 404s from a specific country and much more using country support on

It's hard picking between Serilog and NLog. Both awesome .NET logging frameworks with a rich feature set. Read through this post to make the decision.

Some of you may remember that we had a special program for Microsoft BizSpark members. Since Microsoft pulled the plug on that, we took some time reevaluating what to offer going forward. Today, we are ready to reveal our new program simply called for Startups. As a member ...

The best guide to using ASP.NET Core User Secrets. Helps you keep those connection strings out of course control and enables per-developer settings.

The complete guide to debugging System.OutOfMemoryException. In this post, I will show you how to use Perfmon and a profiler to track down slow methods.

This post will show you how to utilize ASP.NET Core to specify individual settings per developer in your team, using appsettings and environment variables.

A comparison between the top 6 most used continuous integration servers for building .NET projects. See the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

It's time for a new face here at We are continuously improving our advisory board (remember Simon and Peter?). Today, I want to introduce you to the recent addition: Meet Kenneth Auchenberg. Kenneth doesn't need much introduction since he is already a familiar face in the .NET community. ...