Announcing as a GitHub Technology Partner. Learn about the GitHub app as well as two build steps that integrate Actions with

Learn how to build a simple Reddit client with Blazor and the API. Pull conversations and statistics from Reddit with a few lines.

This post revisits the Repository Pattern, addresses the implementation pitfalls in .NET, and reviews proposed solutions to reduce complexity.

Automatically deploy a documentation site, built with MkDocs, using GitHub Actions. Also, learn how to automate tasks like minifying JS and CSS.

Learn about how to host a documentation site implemented with MkDocs and Markdown on GitHub Pages. Easily deploy the static website for free.

Learn how to create a documentation site for your product using MkDocs. MkDocs is a static website generator running on Python and Markdown.

Learn how to integrate with the Stack Overflow API from C#. In this post, I'll build a Visual Studio extension that shows SO results within VS.

ASP.NET Core 7 comes with dark mode for the developer exception page built-in. Learn about how it works and how to enable it on Windows here.

Integrating with YouTube from C# is easy using the Google.Apis.YouTube.v3 NuGet package and a little help. Learn how we have integrated here.