By integrating ASPNET Core 2.2 health checks and, you will be able to monitor when and why your website starts failings. Stop looking in log files.

Most conferences tape sessions and make them publicly available after the conference. This is a list of my favorite .NET, C# or Azure related talks.

Using structured data in modern logging frameworks, all fields on can be filled. Supported by Serilog, NLog and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.

Get the full overview of how to implement health checks with ASP.NET Core 2.2. Health checks can help you monitor your websites and their dependencies.

Retry failed request lets you check if a failing endpoint has been fixed. By clicking a simple button, recreates the request as when it failed.

A list of podcasts containing information about .NET, Azure, C# and related Microsoft technologies. Get introduced to the 8 podcasts we are listening to.

We are ready to cover more platforms, by introducing client-side logging. Log all JavaScript errors happening in the user's browser to your logs.

Tutorial on setting up continuous deployment from Visual Studio Team Services to an Azure website. The post shows how to utilize VSTS release management.

With the new Daily Digest Email, you'll get a much better overview of what happened. Progress indicators, and batch actions are among the new features.