Learn about how to implement an always signed in/never sign out feature with ASP.NET Core. Also covers enabling data protection when hosting on Azure.

Learn about how to reduce your Azure costs by analyzing and optimizing how to use resources. Get best practices and introduction to the available programs.

Check out my top 10 list of books that I have either enjoyed reading myself or got recommended by developers friends and plan to read.

Learn about how to access an ASP.NET Core website, hosted in IIS Express on localhost, from a phone or other device on your local network.

Show you how to create an authenticated website with ASP.NET Core based on a secure cookie, supporting username/password as well as social providers.

Time for some exciting news from your friends at elmah.io. Introducing elmah.io Heartbeats. We don't just want to be your go-to tool when needing to monitor web applications. All companies use a combination of tools and frameworks to create business value for their customers. Windows services, Scheduled tasks, ...

In this post I'm sharing my experiences with generating Excel files from ASP.NET Core. The post includes examples of generating both CSV and XLSX files.

Due to the current health situation, we have decided to extend the period where the old v2 API will be supported. The v2 API will be removed on June 1th 2020. We have created this guide for upgrading from v2 to v3: https://docs.elmah.io/upgrade-elmah-io-from-v2-to-v3/ To make it ...

The ultimate tutorial for NLog. Learn about everything from logging and structured log messages to layout renderers and configuration of common targets.