Improvement #7 - User Agent View

This is the seventh post in the series 10 improvements in 10 days. Yesterday we improved how dates are shown on Today we cheated a bit and used the occasion to finish a feature that we have been working on for some time.

Since redesigning the message details last year, we've shown informative buttons:

User Agent Buttons

In the example above, shows us that the message is generated by Chrome on Windows. While the user icon to the left is clickable, the Browser and Operating system buttons have been informative only. Until now! With todays improvement, clicking one of the buttons will show the new User Agent View:

User Agent View

This nice new dialog shows a lot of detailed information about the browser generating this message. Icons in the top left corner tells you that this happened on a desktop Windows Chrome browser. Below, all of the information from the user agent are extracted and shown using friendly names. Finally, to the right you'll see a graph showing how affected your application is from this particular user agent. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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