10 improvements in 10 days

In the following 2 weeks, we want to try something new: making a daily improvement to elmah.io and blog about it. We constantly make adjustments to the UI and create small features, that aren't really highlighted anywhere. With an approach like this, you will be able to follow the daily work of making elmah.io the crispest .NET cloud logging experience out there.

To be honest, we didn't come up with this idea ourselves. One of our competitors did a similar thing last year and we liked the idea so much, that we are going to try it out for ourselves. If the series turns out a success, we may start blogging more about the small things. For now, you can expect 10 days of action-packed improvements to elmah.io, starting next Monday.

elmah.io: Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

This blog post is brought to you by elmah.io. elmah.io is error logging, uptime monitoring, deployment tracking, and service heartbeats for your .NET and JavaScript applications. Stop relying on your users to notify you when something is wrong or dig through hundreds of megabytes of log files spread across servers. With elmah.io, we store all of your log messages, notify you through popular channels like email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, and help you fix errors fast.

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