Improvement #6 - Nicely Formatted Dates

This is the sixth post in the series 10 improvements in 10 days. Last week, we made 5 nice little improvements to you. Today, we want to improve how dates as shown on

All messages shows the date and time when the message where logged to We use the excelent JavaScript framework Moment.js to show a nicely formatted date and time:

Date and time

In the example above, the message where logged 8 days ago. Sometimes, 8 days ago simply doesn't provide enough information and you want to see the exact date and time of that particular message. We previously had a pretty awful ToString representation when hovering the date. With todays improvment, we generate a nicely formatted (browser locale aware) tooltip:

Nicely formatted date

This change is available in both the list, the error details and in the error page available through the permalink. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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