New Hire at Kristoffer Strube

Kristoffer Strube Everyone, please welcome Kristoffer Strube to the team. Kristoffer is a young up-and-coming star, hired as a student programmer on I'll let Kristoffer introduce himself:

"Hi, I'm Kristoffer. I’m originally from Horsens, Denmark, but right now I live in Aarhus where I have started on a bachelor's degree in computer science. I began to program when I were very young, which often helps me to learn systems fast through the perspective that I have obtained. I began to make simple HTML-pages when I were 8 years old and quickly after that began with ASP, VB.NET for ASP.NET, C# and I’m still learning new languages and systems today.

I participated in a lot of entrepreneurship competitions throughout high school and won the European Championship in Entrepreneurship 2016 with my team SubReader. I’m therefore very interested in entrepreneurship and use some of my spare time as a sparring partner for some small startups. And when I’m not doing that I relax by watching a series or going out for a beer with my fellow students.

I’m very excited to start at, because it gives me a unique opportunity to use what I have learned and because I have word in choosing the method, when I have to solve a problem."

Like Kristoffer himself, we are very much looking forward to including Kristoffer in the team. I believe he has a perfect background for contributing to a startup like Kristoffer will be working on some of our internal systems at first. But who knows, some day you may reach him through the support channel :) Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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