elmah.io User Survey 2017

Back in December, we decided to try out something new. Some of the tool vendors we look up to, send out a yearly user survey. We talk with a lot of our users through the support, but when thinking about it, a survey seemed like a good idea to measure the current state of elmah.io. Being a transparent company, we do of course want to share the questions and results with you as well.

How easy do you find it to set up error logging on elmah.io?

Why did we ask? The installation part is one of our key focus areas. It's important for us, that elmah.io has the easiest installer on the market, to help new and existing users to start looking into errors fast.

How easy is it to use elmah.io in general?

Why did we ask? elmah.io needs to be user friendly in order for our users to be able to fix bugs fast. Simple as that.

Have you heard about the following elmah.io features?

Feature Percentage
Error Logging 100 % (yay!)
Deployment Tracking 65 %
Uptime Monitoring 70 %
Logging Framework Integrations 55 %
App Store 35 % (oh my!)

Why did we ask? We realized that we maybe haven't been good enough telling users about our features. We wanted to test that assumption.

How is the quality of the elmah.io documentation?

Why did we ask? Nothing beats bad documentation. Users gets frustrated and we use all our time answering questions, rather than developing new features.

How satisfied are you with the reliability/uptime of elmah.io?

Why did we ask? Again, a key focus for us. Users rely on us being available, to find out when they are not.

Do you currently use another Uptime Monitoring tool like Pingdom or StatusCake (if yes please share which)?

An in-house-system, Application Insights, New Relic, Pingdom, StatusCake, Uptime Robot

Why did we ask? We wanted to see if our users were already using an existing system for uptime monitoring. We cannot and won't compete with the feature set on all these guys, but in most scenarios, elmah.io uptime monitoring is a good supplement and in some a replacement.

Do you see yourself using elmah.io in a year?

Why did we ask? It's important for us to know if a large number of our users are about to leave us. That's something that users normally don't tell us on the support channel.

How likely are you to recommend elmah.io to a friend?

For the uninvited, this metric is called NPS (Net Promoter Score). Most companies don't want to share this metric. But as you may already know, we are not like most companies.

(For the record, 60 is pretty damn good! :D)

Why did we ask? Asking users if they would recommend a service to their friends, is the ultimate sign of trust.

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