elmah.io User Survey 2018

Like last year, we've asked our users for feedback. This is a summary of the responses we've received. We switched from a range of 5 possible answers to the more standardized Customer Effort Score (CES), consisting of 7 different answers from 1 to 7. This makes the first four questions hard to compare to last year's score, but we feel like the concepts from CES rewards us with a better understanding of our users.

Question Score (7 is the best)
How easy do you find it to set up error logging on elmah.io? 6.00
How easy is it to use elmah.io in general? 5.89
How is the quality of the elmah.io documentation? 5.96
How satisfied are you with the reliability/uptime of elmah.io? 6.79

Do you currently use or plan to use the elmah.io extension for Visual Studio?

Answer Percentage
Yes 25 %
No 28.6 %
What extension 46.4 %

Have you heard about the following elmah.io features?

Feature Percentage
Error Logging 100 % 👉
Uptime Monitoring 70.4 % ☝️
Logging Framework Integrations 63 % ☝️
Deployment Tracking 55.6 % 👇
App Store 44.4 % ☝️
Client-side Logging 18.5 %

Do you see yourself using elmah.io in a year?

Answer Percentage
Yes 100 % ☝️
No 0 % 👇

How likely are you to recommend elmah.io to a friend?

We continuously measure our Net Promoter Score (NPS). Last year, we received a NPS of 60 on the yearly survey. This year it is ... wait for it ...

Net Promoter Score
Infinite thumbs up, y'all!
Infinite thumbs up, y'all!

To conclude on this year's results, we see that most numbers have improved. We have been working hard since last year to increase the results on the numbers that needed improvement, as well as to keep the good results from last time. I'm personally very proud of a NPS score of 79. I know that it might only be a number to you. But it basically means that our users loves us more than Apple's users love Apple (NPS 72). That is nothing less than AWESOME.

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