New Advisor at Kenneth Auchenberg

Kenneth Auchenberg It's time for a new face here at We are continuously improving our advisory board (remember Simon and Peter?). Today, I want to introduce you to the recent addition: Meet Kenneth Auchenberg. Kenneth doesn't need much introduction since he is already a familiar face in the .NET community.

Here are a few words from Kenneth:

"Hi everyone,

I'm Kenneth, a dane living in Seattle, WA, working for Microsoft, as a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Code team. I have a long history in web community, dating back to the early days in Copenhagen where I started CopenhagenJS and where I was part of the front-end teams at the startups ZYB (acquired by Vodafone) and Podio (acquired by Citrix) before moving to North America.

Besides my work at Microsoft, I'm a W3C WICG member for DevTools Protocols, co-founder and organizer of ColdFront Conference, and a Global Shaper for World Economic Forum. I'm an avid believer in startups, and when time allows I try to help where I can.

I think is a particularly interesting company trying to reduce the operational overhead of running software, which I personally think is an area where we as an industry have much left to do. We can do better than just aggregating log files, and has started on a journey to change this, and I'm excited to be a part of this."

Kenneth is a great addition to an already awesome board of advisors. Kenneth is all about products and some of his ideas already start being incorporated on We recently launched client-side logging and Kenneth will be an invaluable partner in making sure that we deliver an awesome experience in the browser.

Kenneth blogs occasionally at, and tweets as @auchenberg. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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