elmah.io 20131015 released

Once again we have been busy building the best cloud based error logger for you guys and girls.

Here are the feature list:

New dashboard

A lot of you have suggested improvements for the dashboard. We have listened and provided you with a new and hopefully much better and informative dashboard.


Each ELMAH log now shows a graph of new errors during the last 24 hours directly on the desktop. We really hope that you like it.

Tabbed search

We have started splitting up different search entrances into separate tabs on the search page. There’s the search filters you already know from the previous version:


The new statistics tab, which btw will be extended with new chart types in the near future:


and finally a new shiny calendar view, showing you a calendar of the errors from the past 14 days:


Change log access

Ever wanted to administrate log access on existing users? Now it’s possible through the new feature in the Users tab:


As usual please reach out if you have ideas for elmah.io.

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