Web.config Validator

It's interesting how you sometimes build a feature, launch it, and people use it for something you didn't anticipated. This turned out to be the case with the ELMAH configuration validator that we launched two years ago. The idea was to be able to upload a Web.config file and get the ELMAH configuration validated. We built the tool primarily to optimize our support, by letting people find misconfiguration by themselves. 2 years later we start to get a lot of visitors looking to validate their Web.config file. The thing is, the validator only validates the ELMAH part, leaving most visitors disappointed.

Today, we have launched a 100% re-write. Please welcome the new Web.config validator. All of the uploaded configuration is now validated and a list of errors and warnings are presented:

Web.config validator

Any ELMAH configuration is still validated and issues are presented alongside other problems with the config. Among new features is a nice source view with issues embedded as well as the possibility to make a few changes to the config and revalidate. Since different versions of .NET offers new features inside Web.config, we automatically validate against the correct version of your config too.

Feel free to try out the new validator. We validated all of our internal config as well as samples that we were able to dig up online. But input from you guys would be highly appreciated. We are already working on giving the UI a major overhaul, but want to start collecting feedback straight away.

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