Unlimited logs now available on all paid plans

While all paid plans still offer unlimited logs/applications, most of the content (inluding the screenshot) in this post is outdated. Check out the Plans and pricing page for updated details.

Yesterday we send a one question survey to all of our freebies, asking how we could convince them to purchase a paid plan. We are overwhelmed and happy by the amount of answers and thank all of your for taking time to help us.

We were a bit surprised with the fact that so many of you asked for the same thing: Possible to create more logs than the ones included in the current plans. After reading through responses and checking statistics data on Google Analytics, the whole thing makes sense. A lot of you are using elmah.io for either multiple instances of a few websites or host many different websites for your customers.

So what did we do to help you guys? Say hello to UNLIMITED LOGS on all paid plans on elmah.io:


That’s right! You can now create all the logs you want on any of our paid plans :)

To purchase one of our plans, open your profile, and navigate to the Subscription tab.

The elmah.io crew.

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