Deployment tracking for Octopus Deploy

About two months ago, we released Deployment Tracking on Deployment Tracking gives you the perfect overview of the performance of your releases, in terms of errors. Last week, we launched support for notifying deployment tracking from Azure DevOps. Today, we are ready with support for Octopus Deploy as well.

Octopus Deploy is the perfect companion for .NET (web) developers. Having a tool made specifically for deploying software to multiple environments, is something that I've used and enjoyed on multiple projects in the past. With today's release, notifying about deployments on Octopus Deploy is now fully supported.

To start integrating Octopus Deploy and, check out Set Up Deployment Tracking on the documentation site. As usual, please get back to us with feedback. We usually implement feature requests and fix bugs within few days. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

This blog post is brought to you by is error logging, uptime monitoring, deployment tracking, and service heartbeats for your .NET and JavaScript applications. Stop relying on your users to notify you when something is wrong or dig through hundreds of megabytes of log files spread across servers. With, we store all of your log messages, notify you through popular channels like email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, and help you fix errors fast.

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