6 free tools for .NET developers

I just wanted to quickly highlight 6 tools for .NET developers that we provide free of charge. There's an overview of each tool on the Tools page too, but here goes.

Web.config Validator

Writing correct Web.config files can be quite a challenge. Visual Studio luckily provides IntelliSense, but sometimes it's just easier to validate a web.config file online. Also, we have included several checks not included in the schema file.

Stack Trace Formatter

Poorly formatted stack traces on blogs and StackOverflow should be a thing of the past. Easily format .NET stack traces using this stack trace formatter. You can also download the formatted stack trace as markdown or an image for easy inclusion on your blog.

Web.config Transformation Tester

While not being used that common anymore, web.config transformations are still the backbone in a lot of systems out there. Our Web.config Transformation Tester shows a nice diff that I already missed on the similar tools out there.

Appsettings.json Validator

You might not need to validate web.config files that often anymore. Web.config has mostly been replaced with JSON config files. With this appsettings.json validator, you can easily validate JSON-based configuration files for .NET (Core).

Multiline String Converter

I've always disliked converting multiline strings for insertion in C# files. Using the multiline string converter, you simply input a string and the tool will output code that you can paste directly into C# using the verbatim string literal.

JSON Formatter

Formatting and validating JSON is something that I often find myself googling. JSON Formatter runs everything inside the browser, avoiding your JSON being shared with anyone.

We are always looking to build new tools helping .NET developers with their daily work. If you have an idea for a tool, feel free to reach out.

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