The ELMAH Schema

Disclamer: Configuring ELMAH (as well as happens through your application configuration file (like web.config). In the next version of ASP.NET, web.config files are removed, but web.config files will probably continue to exist for years to come.

Both ELMAH and automatically adds configuration to web.config during installation of the NuGet package, but you may want to edit the ELMAH configuration from time to time. Since Visual Studio doesn't provide IntelliSense for non-Microsoft configuration, you will need to look in the ELMAH documentation when needing to configure ELMAH.

We are happy to report that we've taken ownership of the ELMAH Configuration XML Schema. Drop the XML Schema anywhere in your project and add a namespace to your elmah element:

<elmah xmlns="http://Elmah.Configuration">

That's it! Start adding some config:

IntelliSense in ELMAH config

The ELMAH XML Schema has its own repository on GitHub and we already started adding support for third-party error loggers for ELMAH. Please create a pull request if you want to add support for your error log extension. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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