The Daily Digest Email Reloaded

We've released some great additions to the Daily Digest email during the last weeks. All changes are documented on our changelog, but I want to sum up to give you an overview of how the daily digest email has progressed.

Summary of new errors

Being able to spot when new errors are logged, is a key feature of With the New errors summary in the daily digest, you will get an overview of just that:

New errors

Progress indicators

With the new progress indicators, seeing if the number of errors logged since yesterday has gone up, remained steady or fallen, is available right there in the email:

Progress indicators

Preview text

Most email clients show a short preview of the email content just after the subject. We've utilized this to show a nice summary of key indicators and their progress:

Preview text

Batch actions

We've saved the best for last. Our goal is to make it easy for you to manage your log, rather than forcing you to visit constantly. With the new batch actions available in the email, hiding, marking as fixed or deleting errors, are available from within the email:

batch actions

Enjoy! As always, reach out if you have comments. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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