Support for Logary

Supporting all of the major logging and error management solutions for .NET is a high priority on Whether you use ELMAH or simple logging solutions like log4net and Serilog, you should get a great experience combining them with As the first online error management system out there, we recently released support for the up-and-coming logging library Logary. Logary is primarily written in F#, but supports all of the languages available on the .NET platform.

To start logging to from Logary, install the Logary.Targets.Elmah.Io package. Be aware that there's a Logary.Targets.ElmahIO package as well. That's for the old version of Logary. Then add some code:

using (var logary = LogaryFactory.New("Logary.CSharpExample", with => with
        conf => conf.Target.WithLogId(Guid.Parse("LOG_ID")))).Result)
    var logger = logary.GetLogger("Logary.CSharpExample");

        throw new ApplicationException("thing went haywire");
    catch (Exception e)
        logger.LogEventFormat(LogLevel.Fatal, "Unhandled {exception}!", e);

The example is written in C# since we know that most of you are C# programmers. To see a similar example in F#, check out our Logary documentation as well as the F# and C# examples in the Logary source code.

Try Logary today; get started by doing Install-Package Logary.Targets.Elmah.Io. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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