RevDeBug Available in the Goodie Bag

Since writing this post the deal has expired.

We've made a deal with the company behind a new reverse debugger for Visual Studio named RevDeBug. With an Business or Enterprise subscription, you will get a discount of 25 % when purchasing RevDeBug. Check out the Goodie Bag for details on how to redeem your discount or to check out the 16 existing deals.

RevDeBug is a revolutionary new debugger for Visual Studio, which records application state "under the hood". This may not sound like a big deal, but it actually opens up for some features that other debuggers doesn't have. Having control on the application state, makes it possible for RevDeBug to step backwards in time, to help you find the root cause of a bug.

While we love logging your errors, we would also very much like to help you fix and avoid bugs. RevDeBug is the perfect companion to your subscription. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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