Larger plan available

Since writing this post, more features are now available in the Enterprise plan compared to Business+.

If you look back on some of the old posts on this blog, you will notice that we have never been afraid to shake things around when it comes to our plans and pricing. Today it is time for yet another change. While the Enterprise plan includes 100k monthly messages, a common request from some of our larger customers has been "more storage, please". With today's change, we are ready to honor that request.

What we did was to create a plan capable of storing more errors than the currently largest plan called Enterprise. Since we would still like our largest offering to be called Enterprise, we have simply renamed (Ctrl + R + R) the Enterprise plan to Business+. Users already on the Enterprise are now on Business+, but nothing else than the name changed. This means that the new Enterprise plan now offers even more storage. The set of features on Business+ and Enterprise are exactly the same, besides the allowed number of messages per month.

Here's an overview of our new plans:

Plans Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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