How to force reload cached JSON Schemas in Visual Studio

I recently made some changes to the appsettings.json schema available on I struggled a bit getting Visual Studio to pick up the recent changes, so here's a very short blog post for anyone with the same problem.

How to force reload cached JSON Schemas in Visual Studio

For anyone not familiar with Schema Store, it's a set of JSON schemas for almost everything a developer can think of. When Visual Studio shows IntelliSense when editing JSON files, it does because it was able to find a schema for the JSON files on

To avoid fetching the schema every time a file is opened, Visual Studio caches schema files locally. I tried finding the cache, but only the XML Schema cache location seems to be documented (interested in hearing from you if you know the location of the cache). What I found was a small "hack" to tell Visual Studio to reload the cache.

Go to Tools | Options and search for Schema (it's beneath Text Editor | JSON | Schema). Make a copy of the URL and remove the existing entry in the list. Then add the same URL as a new entry:

Remove and add the URL

That's it. Close any open *.json files and re-open them to get the updated schema. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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