GDPR changes

We are actively working with GDPR compliance, which will result in a series of minor adjustments to the UI and new features. We won't inform you about every little change, but here's an overview of recent changes.

When signing up, you will now be prompted to accept both terms and privacy policy:


We are currently building a system where we are able to collect acceptance from those of you who haven't accepted terms in a way approved by GDPR, as well as a way for us to notify you when we update our terms. Expect an email within the next month or so.

On the profile, there's a new toggle to restrict processing:

Restrict processing

In plain English this toggle removes access from our employees to your personal data (name, email, etc.). We never misuse your data or sell it to third-party and having access helps us in the case we need to support you. But according to GDPR, you should be in charge :)

Expect more changes soon. You can follow our work against GDPR compliance on our GDPR wiki.

Please notice that the GDPR wiki no longer represents the most recent documentation. All of the content on the wiki has been baked into our legal documents available on the website. Error logging and Uptime Monitoring for your web apps

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