Extending the date for removing the v2 API

Due to the current health situation, we have decided to extend the period where the old v2 API will be supported. The v2 API will be removed on June 1th 2020. We have created this guide for upgrading from v2 to v3: https://docs.elmah.io/upgrade-elmah-io-from-v2-to-v3/

To make it clear, all integrations for elmah.io use the API. There are currently two major versions available: v2 and v3. V2 was deprecated three years ago and is used by all Elmah.Io.* packages with a version number 2.*. V3 is the current version of our API and is used by all Elmah.Io.* packages with a version number 3.* or higher. To see which version of an elmah.io package you have installed, look inside the packages.config or project.csproj file, depending on which version of .NET you are using.

If you are already using a 3.* package and see an error inside the elmah.io app asking you to upgrade, you should disable access to the v2 API on the Actions tab on log settings. Having the old API enabled on logs where the client switched to the new API, still introduces a security risk, since the old API did not include an API key.

To summarize, API v2 as well as all elmah.io packages with version number 2.* will be removed on June 1th 2020.

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