Extended User Details

A lot changed with both Extended User Details and the elmah.io UI in general since writing this post. Sign up to see the recent version.

With elmah.io’s new Extended User Details feature, you can look up extended information about the user experiencing a bug on your website.

We all sometimes forget the fact that any website error hits a user one way or another. It may be a simple bug with a missing icon somewhere, but in other cases, you potentially lose a sale caused by an error in your checkout flow. Everyone want’s to know their users better these days, right? With the new Extended User Details feature, you can dig into the details of the actual user experiencing a bug on your website. Take action and let your users know, that they are not left stranded. Write an email, Check out their hometown, browse through their social profiles like Twitter and Facebook. The possibilities are endless.

Extended User Details are available from all of the spots showing user info. From the Overview tab on each log, click an avatar in the Affected Users widget:

Extended User Details from Overview

In the log search, click the user on the error details:

Extended User Details from Search

Extended User Details are available on the error overlay and the error details page as well.

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