elmah.io launches two GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace

While developing the ecosystem around the elmah.io API and App Store, we see an increasing interest and adoption of GitHub and the services around it. We have a range of integrations with GitHub that I’ll introduce you to later in this document. But first of all, I’m happy to announce that elmah.io has been chosen as a GitHub Technology Partner to build integrations in the Marketplace and extend developer capabilities.

elmah.io launches two GitHub Actions in the GitHub Marketplace

elmah.io integrates with GitHub in two ways. The first integration is available in the elmah.io AppStore. When logging errors in elmah.io, you can create GitHub issues when new errors are identified. With the GitHub integration for elmah.io, elmah.io will automatically do just that.

The second type of integration is with GitHub Actions. We currently offer two Actions to help integrate elmah.io into your build flows.

Create Deployment Action

This action will notify elmah.io deployment tracking every time you create a new release on GitHub:

- name: Create Deployment on elmah.io
  uses: elmahio/github-create-deployment-action@v1
    apiKey: ${{ secrets.ELMAH_IO_API_KEY }}
    version: ${{ github.run_number }}
    logId: ${{ secrets.ELMAH_IO_LOG_ID }}

Upload Source Map Action

This action will let you upload a JavaScript source map to the elmah.io API as part of a new release on GitHub:

- name: Upload source map on elmah.io
  uses: elmahio/github-upload-source-map-action@v1
    apiKey: ${{ secrets.ELMAH_IO_API_KEY }}
    logId: ${{ secrets.ELMAH_IO_LOG_ID }}
    path: '/bundles/sharedbundle.min.js'
    sourceMap: 'path/to/sharedbundle.map'
    minifiedJavaScript: 'path/to/sharedbundle.min.js'

Uploading source maps will allow elmah.io to de-minify JavaScript stack traces without you having to make your source maps publicly available.

Learn more about the elmah.io GitHub integration and read through the documentation. The Actions provided by elmah.io can be found on GitHub Marketplace by searching for ‘elmah.io’: https://github.com/marketplace?type=actions&query=elmah.io. The deployment action is documented in Create deployments from GitHub Actions and the upload source map action in Upload source maps from GitHub Actions.

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