elmah.io have been accepted onto Microsoft BizSpark

We are happy to report that Microsoft have accepted elmah.io as a BizSpark member.

To celebrate this awesome news, we have a great offer for you, but more about that later. For those of you who may not know Microsoft BizSpark, it’s a great platform for boosting your startup. Besides getting a lot of free software and Azure hosting, you get access to a network of investors and mentors as well as great visibility. We strongly believe that being a member of the program will help elmah.io grow into the future.

Now for the good offer. Being a young startup ourselves, we are dependent of all the help we can get. We believe in helping each other out, why we have decided to give 6 months of free Small Business plan to other BizSpark members. Furthermore we propagate the deal to Microsoft http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspxs as well. MVPs will get 6 months free usage on the Personal plan.

To apply for BizSpark or MVP discount, write us an email telling a bit about your startup or yourself. Please also provide us with documentation that you actually own the titles like the email you received from Microsoft when enrolling into the program.

Features of the Personal plan:

  • Unlimited number of logs.
  • More space for errors and longer retention
  • Visual Studio integration
  • Daily backup

Features of the Small Business plan:

  • Unlimited number of logs
  • Even more space and longer retention than the Personal plan
  • Visual Studio integration
  • Daily backup and replicated index making it suitable for production
  • Business Rules (web hooks, email alerts etc.)
Features steps
We monitor your websites

We monitor your websites

We monitor your websites for crashes and availability. This helps you get an overview of the quality of your applications and to spot trends in your releases.

We notify you

We notify you

We notify you when errors starts happening using Slack, Microsoft Teams, mail or other forms of communication to help you react to errors before your users do.

We help you fix bugs

We help you fix bugs

We help you fix bugs quickly by combining error diagnostic information with innovative quick fixes and answers from Stack Overflow and social media.

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