Adrian Iftode

Adrian Iftode

Meet Adrian, an experienced .NET software engineer. Adrian works for a range of customers as well as enjoys working on open-source software.

Iași, Romania
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The Repository Pattern is simple yet misunderstood

This post will revisit the Repository Pattern, will address the implementation pitfalls in the .NET world, and will review the proposed solutions to avoid unnecessary complexity. What should Repositories do? It's been 20 years since Martin Fowler documented the Repository Pattern in his book, "P of EAA& ...

Audit .NET/.NET Core Apps with Audit.NET and AWS QLDB

In this week we have a guest post from Adrian Iftode. The post will introduce you to the auditing framework Audit.NET and how to create audit trails of .NET/.NET Core applications using AWS QLDB. I believe every team had to justify how some things happened in a certain ...